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Whether you are a publisher or advertiser we are the right fit.


Better targeted content to earn publishers a higher bottom line and increase advertisers rentention rates and ROI.


Matching the correct audience means higher quality for publishers and advertisers. Creating an advertising ecosystem that finally benefits publishers and advertisers alike.

Deliver content to your users that is relevant to their interest. Target the audience that fits your content.

- AnimeAds.com


We deliver content to your users that matches their interest. Earn higher revenue without disrupting the user experience

No more affiliate offers or pointless ads being displayed to your visitors. Only hand picked content that will earn you more money.

Branding 100%

Targeting 100%

User Experience 100%

Increase Revenue 100%

Offering multiple payment options we can guarantee you get paid on time using the method of your choice.



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We can guarantee you a 100% fill rate of targeted campaigns using AnimeAds.com. Meaning no empty request, no irrelevant ads, and no back fill low paying units.

Monetize your sites content using a more strategically focused set of ads that target your users interest, which enables you to earn more revenue and maximize your users experience.

Billboard 100%

Footer 100%

Targeted Content


Product Placement


Branding Campaigns


Offering non disruptive ad units to compliment your sites content allows us to payout the highest eCPM's in the industry.

Billboard 100%

Footer 100%


content distribution

Target your audience like never before with AnimeAds.

keep to your audience

Distribute your content or products in front of the actual consumers that use it.


We also offer mobile cpc distribution which is great for app distribution as well as product sales.

no delayed display

Meaning your ad is shown everytime, to every reader with out any interuptions.

increase your roi

Optimize with in our platform to meet your KPI's. Effectively driving cost down and revenue up.

the only choice

We are the only outlet for content distribution in the anime/manga industry.

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